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At the Delray Beach Medical Marijuana Clinic we’re dedicated to making the process of getting your medical marijuana card as seamless as possible in this lively city nestled in northeastern Pam Beach County, FL.

Whether you call Delray Beach home year-round or are enjoying a seasonal stay, our certified MMJ physicians can provide you with same-day approval. We offer a full refund if your approval is not granted for any reason.

Reach out to us to explore the ways in which we can help you, and not only in Delray Beach.

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Simple 3-Step Process for New Patients

We help you get your MM card ASAP.

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Each patient must renew their MM Card every 7 months. We simplify the process!

Same-Day Telehealth Renewals

Our recertification is priced at just $129!

Accessible Medical Card Services

In our Delray Beach location, we provide affordable and convenient services, guaranteeing same-day approval.

Getting your card involves a straightforward three-step process. Just follow our efficient procedure to schedule an appointment with the leading medical cannabis physicians in Florida.

Our clinic offers a complete refund to any patient who doesn’t receive state approval. Our current fees are $149 for new patients and $129 for renewals, with a special discount available for veterans.

Getting Your Medical Card in Delray Beach is Now Easier.

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The Medical Marijuana Clinic offers a fast, user-friendly online process that often leads patients to wonder why they didn’t apply for their medical card sooner. Get in touch with us today.