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At the Medical Marijuana Clinic, our main goal is to streamline the process of obtaining your medical marijuana card in the charming coastal city of Bonita Springs, in southwest Florida. Whether you’re a permanent or a seasonal resident, you can get same-day approval from a certified cannabis physician.

We understand the daily challenges of stress, anxiety, and chronic pain that you may be experiencing, and our utmost priority is to help you feel better.

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Each patient must renew their MM Card every 7 months. We simplify the process!

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Our recertification is priced at just $129!

Affordable Medical Card in Bonita Springs

At our Bonita Springs branch, we offer competitively priced, approachable services with same-day approval.

Our dedicated team takes pride in serving the community. We’re experts in answering your questions about obtaining a medical marijuana card in Florida.

Obtaining your card is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just follow our straightforward process to schedule an appointment with Florida’s best medical marijuana doctors.

We Elevate the Patient Experience in Bonita Springs.

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Medical Marijuana Clinic stands out across Florida for its patient-focused, affordable, honest, and straightforward approach to medical cannabis access. Get in touch with us today.